NOBODY HAS TO KNOW is an Amsterdam based warehouse offering multi-sexual, multi-ethnical and multi-subcultural collections; all carefully selected regardless of physique, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, colour, status or religion.
Fundament of these multifaceted collections is the pursuit of a more tolerant and open-minded society where love, respect and acceptance for everyone’s differences are self-evident.
Diversity and equality
Current society is dealing with much hate, intolerance and division. The recent colliding of opinions and political issues magnify the pain, resistance, anger and fear. We believe that love and acceptance for inter-individual differences are the answer. We are all different, yet all equal. By showing the beauty and force that lie as much in diversity as in equality, we help bridging this gap. Our concept and collections empower people to break social boundaries and live by their own standards. Join our community and contribute to an open-minded and tolerant society. 'Wear what you love. The rest? NOBODY HAS TO KNOW.'
Everybody has a story
Force-fed prescriptive press releases are distorting our perception of beauty and perfection. We want to free everybody from the terror of being “perfect”. By providing new perspectives on beauty and fashion, one that incorporates self-love and self-acceptance, we open up a window for you to tell your story. Because everybody has a story that needs to be told.
NOBODY HAS TO KNOW also carries the in-house brand NHTKSTUDIO. This label breaks with the conventional patterns of thinking by creating new dimensions. The queering designs focus on the cut, the shape and the character of the garment, rather then seek approval from society or to follow set norms.
NHTKstudio. can be defined as contemporary, understated and conceptual with great attention to quality and material. The discreetly outspoken premium collections are produced in Amsterdam and presented in limited numbers.
Fashion values
We are taking a step back from the fast pace of the fashion industry and create pieces that are made to last beyond the season and trend. Therefore we follow our own rhythm in launching and presenting new collections instead of following the rigid rules of the fashion world. 
We care, do you?
Caring industry
We incorporate slow fashion values into the everyday world by creating long lasting and locally produced pieces. We are involved during the entire process and remain in close contact with the makers. Our partners provide good working conditions and take proper care of their workers. Together we create an optimal balance between price and quality.
Garment care
We design timeless and lasting pieces and pay great attention to garment care. Therefore we advise our customers on how to best take care of their garments, making sure that they become long-loved pieces for years to come.
 The brains behind the brand, label and concept are Hannah van Dijck and Jiske Snoeks. Together they make a perfect team combining artwork, retail, design and a great sense of styling and aesthetics. Starting the label in 2014, they shared an aversion to a certain attitude in society where people seem to feel the need to compartmentalize and judge everyone that is deviating from the standard. This aversion combined with their love for fashion, art and design led to the start of NOBODY HAS TO KNOW and NHTKSTUDIO. as a fashion brand and label. In the collections and garments they communicate their mission and aim to transform society in a more tolerant and open-minded environment.